♻️中東 純天然有機椰棗糖漿 Saudi Arabia Nakheel Alya Organic Date Syrup



每支500g per bottle 100%天然蜜棗,不加糖。非常適合配乳酪或冰沙之類的甜品,烹飪或烘焙。淋上班㦸、窩夫,比普通糖漿有益之餘,更能明顯增添風味。 棗糖不含膽固醇、鈉、反式脂肪和飽和脂肪。 棗糖也含鐵,可以幫助恢復和增加紅血球。棗糖又是抗氧化劑的良好來源,甚至比蜂蜜和楓糖漿還要高。 它還含支援心臟功能的豐富礦物質,如鉀和鎂。糖類之中棗糖是比較有益健康的,可將棗糖加入日常飲食中。 成份: 100%有機天然椰棗 Made from 100% natural dates, without addition of sugar. Excellent as a sweetener to yoghurt or smoothies, as well as for cooking or baking. Drizzle over different food to boost the flavour of everything from cakes to coffee as well as seasoning. Date syrup is 100% date and is free of cholesterol, sodium, trans fat, and saturated fat. Date syrup is rich in Iron which can help restore and increase red blood cells. Date syrup is a good source of antioxidants even higher than honey and maple syrup. It's also high in minerals that support heart function, like potassium and magnesium. For a healthy diet lifestyle, make date syrup a daily consumption. Ingredients: 100% organic natural dates

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