♻️冰島 香脆原條多春魚 Iceland Naera Crunchy Capelin with Roe



每包30g per pack * 100%野生及可持續捕穫 * 不使用烤焗、油炸、氣炸或冷凍速乾 * 保持最低限度加工處理,不加鹽、油 * 由100%可再生能源製成 * 高蛋白質、omega 3 脂肪酸、鈣 即食優質原條香脆多春魚。Næra 在冰島語中意思是 “滋養”,這是一種健康的零食,魚是冰島人以可持續捕魚方法撈捕,並使用100%可再生能源來製作。 成份:冰島多春魚 ⚠️ 製造設施有生產含有牛奶成份的產品 * 100% Wild caught. Sustainably harvested * Not baked, fried, air fried, or freeze dried * Minimally processed. No salt or oil added * Made with 100% renewable energy * High protein, omega 3, calcium First of its kind Ready To Eat Crunchy Capelin. A premium delicacy with roe. Made without baking, frying, air-drying, or freeze drying, or salt. Næra (Nyr-rah) means "Nourish" in Icelandic. It is a healthy way to snack so that you are not just feeding your body, you are feeding your soul. Feel good about what you’re putting in your body, knowing that fish are wild caught Icelandic from sustainable fishing and using 100% renewable energy to make these snacks. Ingredients: Icelandic capelin ⚠️ Made in a facility where milk containing ingredients are present

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