♻️台灣 家用火鎗 Taiwan Iroda Home Cooking Torch

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Model no. PT-600a * 抗強風,火力穏定,調整火焰收放順暢 * 火焰不會忽大忽細,不會突然爆閃 * 專利旋轉保護板,可任何角度安全使用 * 需自行配合使用卡式罐裝丁烷氣體 台灣 Iroda 被公認為加熱技術產品的領先製造商。Iroda自動點火系統以壓電陶瓷元件、優質耐用塑膠和環氧樹脂製成,是最專業製造加熱產品的牌子,膠殼不容易因受熱而破裂。產品取得 ISO 認證,而且曾獲國際獎項。Iroda 火鎗具有高耐用性和高BTU輸出,執行性平穩、於極端環境有高耐受性。 什麼情況可用得著火鎗? 1. 炙燒魚生時凝聚的高溫可將魚油迫出滲入飯裡,令壽司更好吃,特別是油份較高的海鮮例如魚腩位、左口魚等等 2. 當食物已煎或焗熟,但表面又不夠火喉或「唔夠靚」,繼續煮會令食物變得太熟或太乾。這時候你可借助「火力」集中食物表面 3. 整甜品 — 最經典的甜品就是焦糖燉蛋,火鎗是必須的工具 4. BBQ 用火鎗起爐無煩惱 📌關於丁烷 丁烷是可用氣體中毒性最少的,燃燒最乾淨,可以安全地儲存在室內,在與丙烷大致相同的溫度下燃燒,用途大致相同。丁烷在較低的溫度下不會變成氣體,因此火槍在非常寒冷的溫度下不會起作用。 * Professional Cartridge Torch Iwatani Cassette Connection * Powerful Wind-Resistant Flame. Anti-flare nozzle. * Patented rotating hand protection plate for safe use at any angle * High output flame for plumbing and other heavy duty jobs at home and in the workplace * One click electronic ignition, safe and convenient. Flame and temperature are adjustable The Hand- Held Professional Cooking Torch You Can't Do Without! Pro Iroda Industries is recognised as a leading manufacturer of heat and flame technology products. Iroda automatic ignition systems are crafted with high quality piezo ceramic components molded in plastic and epoxy resin. Iroda cartridge torches have benefits such as high durability and high BTU output as well as smooth operation and high tolerance for extreme conditions. 📌 About propane The least toxic among the usable gases, butane burns the cleanest, and you can safely store it indoors. It burns at about the same temperature as propane and serves much the same uses. Butane will not vaporize at lower temperatures so torches won’t work at very cold temperatures. https://pro-iroda.com

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