♻️德國 午餐肉 Germany Dreistern Pork Luncheon Meat



每罐400g per can 德國傳統品牌 DREISTERN——自1934年以來都忠於他們的座右銘「品質好,味道好」,只使用最好的食材。透過非常溫和的燉煮過程,維他命和礦物質盡量被保存下來。 成份: 95% 豬肉、豬皮、碘化亞硝酸鹽(食鹽 / 碘酸鉀 / 防腐劑:亞硝酸鈉)、洋蔥、香料、香料提取物、葡萄糖、香料(含西芹 / 糖 / 香草) * 含有微量芥末 * 德國製造,歐洲原料來自歐盟和非歐盟國家 DREISTERN since 1934 – delivers quality from tradition – always sticks to their motto "quality that tastes", use only the best ingredients. Dreistern pork cooked in its own juice - the pork is cooked long and gently so that it becomes tender - making this product a real treat for the palate. Ingredients are carefully selected and made with love - in every tin, it always tastes like homemade! Thanks to the gentle cooking processes, important vitamins and minerals are preserved. Ingredients: 95% pork, pork rind, iodized nitrite curing salt (table salt / potassium iodate / salt ratio preservative: sodium nitrite), onion, spices, Spice extracts, dextrose, spices (contains celery), sugar, herbs * May contain traces of mustard * Made in Germany with meat and vegetables from EU and non-EU countries

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