♻️意大利 吞拿魚籽乾 Italy L'Isola d'Oro Grated Dried Tuna Roe



每樽50g per bottle * 無麩質、無轉基因、不含染料 * 含豐富脂肪酸 omega 3 L'Isola d'Oro 是一家歷史悠久於意大利帕爾馬的海產公司,歐洲食品安全局總部正是位於帕爾馬。Bottarga 是吞拿魚(金槍魚 tonno)加鹽、擠壓成的魚子乾。原材料被磨碎轉化為地中海的典型精緻美食,在西西里島被稱為「窮人魚子醬」的傳統美食——非常芳香,充滿了大海的味道。Bottarga近年也因其豐富的風味和用途多樣性而獲得頂級廚師的讚賞。也可簡單地品嚐這些正宗、充滿健康價值的天然美食。 * Gluten-free, non GMO, dye-free * Rich in fatty acids omega 3 L’Isola d’Oro is an Italian fish preserve company that was born and developed in Parma, a key food district and headquarters of the European Food Safety Authority. Bottarga is the salted, pressed, and dried roe sack of Sicilian tuna (tonno in Italian). The raw material is thus transformed into refined gourmet delights typical of the Mediterranean seafaring tradition. A traditional delicacy in Sicily known as "Poor Man's Caviar" - it is for the true seafood love - very aromatic, full of the flavors of the sea. Bottarga is also gaining appreciation among top chefs for its full flavor and variety of uses. Or to be tasted simply as they are. These are authentic products, full of important and healthy values. Gluten-free, GMO-free, without dyes but rich in Omega3.