♻️意大利 有機天然蘋果醋 Italy Varvello Organic Apple Cider Vinegar



每樽500ml per bottle * 無過濾、不經巴氏消毒,更豐富更天然蘋果風味 Varvello未經過濾的有機蘋果醋是以大自然為本的製作。誕生於意大利的蘋果汁,經雙重發酵,在木桶中慢慢成熟,具有木質香氣和果香的細膩味道,而且酸度較輕微。 蘋果醋與有益的薑和檸檬是完美搭配,一起食用可以增強健康:刺激消化、提高注意力、排毒、提升免疫系統。 成份:有機蘋果醋 未經過濾蘋果醋的好處: ✅ 所含的有機酸能溶解乳酸,幫助對抗疲勞,蘋果酸也可緩解關節痛並抵消結石的形成 ✅ 未經過濾蘋果醋中因保留蘋果皮,含豐富三萜類化合物,有抗炎、鎮痛、解熱、保肝、強化心臟、抑制癌細胞的增長 ✅ 防止自由基造成的損害,延緩細胞衰老 ✅ 透過刺激新陳代謝,幫助燃燒多餘脂肪,從而控制體重 ✅ 刺激血液循環,促進脂肪細胞引流以至橙皮紋的形成 ✅ 改善唾液和消化酶的產生,從而促進消化,可幫助胃酸倒流/灼熱、消化不良的情況 ✅ 透過加強免疫系統來對抗腸道細菌。 此外,吸入蘋果醋蒸汽可調理肺部,促進粘液排出並殺滅任何病原體 ✅ 適合加水作漱口用途,能緩解口腔痱滋、由胃酸倒流引致的口腔潰瘍、牙齦出血 * No filtering no pasteurization means richer and more natural apple flavour Varvello unfiltered organic apple vinegar is made using the nature as an example. Born from the double fermentation of Italian apple juice and slowly matured in barriques, it has a delicate taste of wood notes and fruitiness aroma. Its light acidity is linked to its wealth of purifying and invigorating properties. Apple cider vinegar goes perfectly with ginger and lemon, known for their beneficial properties. Together with apple vinegar, they can reinforce health : stimulates digestion, improves concentration, purifies the body and helps the immune system. Once again, Varvello target is not only the pleasure of the palate, but also the well-being. It is the result of double fermentation of Italian apple cider. Not filtered and not pasteurized. To get all the benefits, simply use apple cider vinegar in your diet. Ingredients: Organic Apple cider vinegar Benefits of unfiltered apple cider vinegar : ✅ The organic acid contained in this vinegar dissolves lactic acid, fighting fatigue, while malic acid relieves joint pain and counteracts the formation of stones ✅ The use of apple peel in unfiltered vinegar also makes it rich in triterpenoids, which counteract the proliferation of cancer cells ✅ Prevents damage caused by free radicals, delaying cellular aging ✅ Helps burning excess fat by stimulating metabolism, consequently keep weight under control ✅ Stimulates blood circulation and contributes to the drainage of fat cells and cellulite. ✅ Improves production of saliva and digestive enzymes, thus promoting digestion and preventing fermentation; for this reason, it is recommended in case of heartburn and slow digestion ✅ Works against intestinal bacteria by strengthening the immune system. In addition, it tones the lungs and is recommended for steam inhalations : promotes expulsion of mucus and kills any pathogens ✅ Dissolved in water, it is excellent for gargle, relieves heartburn due to canker sores, bleeding gums and toothache, and will make you breathe a deep breath of relief!