♻️意大利 特選經典意式咖啡 Italy Saccaria 1882 Deciso Coffee

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每包250g/1kg per pack * 阿拉比卡 / 羅布斯塔 — 60/40% * 口感豐富飽滿、油香味濃 * 香氣濃郁,中至低酸味 Saccaria Caffè的故事由1882年於意大利塞尼加利亞誕生。Saccaria嚴選最佳的arabica和robusta,生長在兩個熱帶地區的咖啡豆。精心調配的混合咖啡使Saccaria的成功持續140多年。 經典的意大利特濃咖啡,口感豐富飽滿、咖啡油香味濃郁,Desico包含了一杯好咖啡應有的特質。這款經典的Espresso 中,arabica 和robusta 的比例是60/40,robusta的苦味被arabica的甜味平衡。顏色為深榛子色,香氣強烈而持久,酸度為中至低。 * Arabica 60% / robusta 40% * Full bodied with consistent creaminess * Intense aroma with medium to low sourness Saccaria Caffè’s story is made of passion, experience, and unique taste. The company was born in 1882, in Senigallia. Saccaria selects the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta that grow between the two tropics and constantly follows the production chain from the coffee bean harvested on the plant to the cup of coffee at the bar or at home. The coffee blends are expertly designed for Saccaria’s success, that has been lasting for more than 140 years. Traditional blend for a classic full-bodied italian espresso with a consistent cream. Desico is a blend that covers all the interesting qualities of a good coffee, a delight for lovers of the classic Italian Espresso. This Espresso 60/40 of Arabica and Robusta comes with a very consistent and persistent cream with a dark hazel colour, often with striped stripes. The body is full, the aroma is intense and persistent, the sourness varies from medium to low depending on the preparation. The bitterness of Robusta coffees is always discreetly balanced by the sweetness of the Arabica beans.