♻️意大利 米糠油 Italy Olitalia Rice Bran Oil

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每樽 1L per bottle * 煙點 : 260°C * 非常適合拌入蔬菜和魚類菜餚、沙律 米糠油以糙米加工後米穀的皮衣(米糠)煉製。米糠油具有很高的營養價值,它是一種與橄欖油齊名的健康營養油,深受高血脂、心腦血管疾患人群喜愛。米糠油中含有豐富的穀維素,可以阻止自體合成膽固醇、降低血清膽固醇的濃度,具有調節內分泌和神經等功能,可促進人體和動物的生長發育,而且抗氧化功效甚高。穀維素能促進皮膚微血管迴圈,保護皮膚。其穩定性及煙點極高,僅次於排第一位的牛油果油,適用於烤焗、煎、炸或作沙律調味亦可。 * Smoke point : 260°C * Excellent as a raw condiment on vegetable-based and fish-based dishes and for dressing salads Rice bran oil is extracted from the outer shell (rice bran) of brown rice grain. Rice bran oil has high nutritional value, a kind of healthy oil align with olive oil. It is much preferred by people with hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Rice bran oil is rich in Gamma Oryzanol, which can prevent self synthesised cholesterol and reduce the concentration of serum cholesterol. It has the functions of regulating endocrine and nerves. It can promote the growth and development of humans and animals, and has a high antioxidant effect. Gamma Oryzanol can promote microvascular circulation of skin, protect the skin. Its stability and smoke point are extremely high, second only to avocado oil, which is suitable for baking, deep frying, or even salad dressing.