♻️意大利 羊奶芝士松露粉 Italy Giuliano Tartufi Pecorino Cheese & Truffle Powder



每支30g per tube * 適合於烹煮時或烹煮後使用 * 小瓶輕便包裝,方便攜帶外出使用 經典和多次獲獎的 Giuliano Tartufi 松露粉,變身成為一種特殊的調味品,容易於多種菜餚和不同場合使用。松露芝士粉深受消費者和餐飲專業人士的喜愛,是迄今為止整個 Giuliano Tartufi 產品線中最令人著迷最受人追捧的產品。 成份: 米粉、羊奶芝士粉15%(牛奶 / 鹽 / 凝乳酶)、馬鈴薯澱粉、海藻糖、夏季松露乾5%、天然香料、鹽、調味料 * Sprinkle onto dishes during or after cooking * Small and light packaging, great for carrying along to use in any occasions Variant of the classic and multi-awarded Giuliano Tartufi Truffle Powder® . An exceptional seasoning, thanks to its easy use, it is ideal for finishing many dishes and for giving flavor to any Truffle-based dish. Product highly sought after by consumers and catering professionals, Truffle-based Spolverata are the most captivating and winning idea of ​​the entire Giuliano Tartufi product line to date. Ingredients: Rice flour, pecorino cheese powder 15% (milk / salt / rennet), potato starch, trehalose, dried summer truffle 5%, natural flavouring, salt, flavouring

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