♻️日本 北海道七星米 Japan Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi Rice

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每包5kg per bag 日本穀物檢定協會在平成29年產米食味排行榜中獲最高的特A級。 光亮度、粘性、甜味的平衡度優異,即使變涼了味道也持久,在便當和壽司等中很受歡迎。煮熟後像北斗七星一樣閃閃發光,所以取名七星米,是北海道近年來最受歡迎的米品種。 Won the highest special A rating in The Japan Grain Certification Association. The balance of brightness, stickiness and sweetness is excellent. Its flavour lasts for a long time even when rice is cooled off. It is particularly popular among bento and sushi. After cooking, they shine like the Big Dipper Seven Stars, that’s why It’s named the Seven Star, which is the most popular rice variety in Hokkaido in recent years.

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