♻️日本 北海道白粟米 Japan Hokkaido White Sweet Corn

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每條約400g per cob of corn 位於北海道中央的旭川,夏天最高氣溫36℃,冬天最低氣溫零下41℃。夏天和冬天的巨大溫差孕育著肥沃的土壤,有豐富的大雪山融雪水為首的環境下,種植出美味的蔬菜。種植場的座右銘是,新鮮度很重要,蔬菜收穫後熟成增加甜度。儘量減少農藥,不依靠添加劑。 成份:北海道白粟米、鹽 Asahikawa, located in the center of Hokkaido, has a maximum temperature of 36℃ in summer and a minimum temperature of -41℃ in winter. The huge temperature difference between summer and winter gives fertile soil, and delicious vegetables are grown in an environment led by rich snowy mountains and icy water. Motto of the plantation is freshness of vegetables, minimising usage of pesticides and never rely on using addictive. All produce are naturally matured to increase sweetness. Ingredients: Hokkaido white corn, salt

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