♻️日本 博多華味鳥柚子胡椒醬 Japan Hanamidori Yuzu Pepper Condiment



毎樽30g per bottle 博多華味鳥的柚子胡椒是很多旅客到日本時購買作為紀念品的商品。柚子胡椒是吃火鍋、湯豆腐時的配角,與日式料理,意大利料理、沙律、牛扒等也很配合。本產品不使用任何化學劑,開瓶後,柚子胡椒可能會逐漸變成褐色,會隨著時間氧化、褪色,香味也容易變化,所以開瓶後儘量放冰箱,但其實變色也沒害處,可放心食用。 成份: 九洲柚子皮、九洲辣椒、食鹽 Hakata yuzu pepper is a souvenir that many tourists buy when they come to Japan. Yuzu pepper is a great condiment for hotpot / shabu and soup tofu, it generally goes well with Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, salad, steaks etc. This product does not contain any artificial substances, it may gradually turn brown, colour fade and lose fragrance over time after opening. Therefore, put it in the refrigerator after opening, however colour change does not mean it is less delicious or harmful. You can still consume it. Ingredients: Japan yuzu skin, japan chilli, salt

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