♻️日本 國產米鹽麴 Japan Rice Fermented Shio Koji



每包500g 鹽麴(Shio Koji)是以米、麴菌和鹽經發酵製成的調味料,可代替食鹽,控製每日攝取的鹽量。鹽麴的功用與味噌、醬油相似,是用蒸過的米、豆類再發酵過後的產物,可添加在食物中來增加風味。鹽麴鈉含量比食鹽低,對身體負擔較少,是代替食鹽的一個好選擇。鹽麴有提鮮作用,內含酵素可分解蛋白質,用來醃肉,可令肉質嫩滑 鹽麴好處多多,在日本相當受歡迎: 1️⃣ 含豐富維他命B,為身體提供能量,消除疲勞 2️⃣ 含胺基酸GABA,舒緩精神壓力,改善失眠問題 3️⃣ 含活性酵素,可修復肌膚細胞,抑制皮膚老化 4️⃣ 含乳酸菌,可調整腸道健康,有助排毒 成份: 日本米麴、食鹽、酒精 Koji is a type of Japanese fermentation starter – a grain (usually rice) that has been inoculated with a type of mould called Aspergillus Oryzae. ... This can then be used as a 'starter' to make many fermented products such as sake, miso, soy sauce or a seasoning paste known as shio koji. Shio Koji (塩こうじ/塩麹/塩糀) is a Japanese fermented ingredient. It’s made of salt, water and Rice Koji (米こうじ/米糀/米麹). It can be used to marinate or tenderise meats. In Japan, there are lots of fermented food such as Soy sauce or Soybean paste and Shio Koji is one of the most popular seasonings nowadays. People in Japan recently re-discovered the benefit of Shio Koji. It is called a “magical seasoning” useful for any purpose and not limited to foods such as meat, fish and vegetables, and cooking methods such as Japanese and Western. Shio Koji can enhance umami in foods. It’s an active food including lots of enzymes which helps digestion. It’s also described as “miso without soybeans” Shio Koji can break down the starch and protein contained in the ingredients to bring out the umami and sweetness to make food delicious. Meats become soft after marinated with shio koji. It can help to add beautiful baked colour on the food when you use it for baking or frying to boost up your appetite. Benefits of Shio Koji: 1️⃣ A natural pro-biotic seasoning 2️⃣ Tenderises food 3️⃣ Brings out the umami and sweetness in foods 4️⃣ Reduces intake of salt 5️⃣ Aids digestion 6️⃣ Good for skin. Anti-aging 7️⃣ Contains minerals, fiber, and vitamins Ingredients: Japan koji rice, salt, alcohol

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