♻️日本 山口県純柚子汁 Japan Yamaguchi 100% Yuzu Juice



每樽720ml * 玻璃樽裝,安全可靠 * 除日常開水、紅茶飲用,也可調配沙律、造醬汁、甜品、果醬 * 特別適合配小菜例如海鲜、燒雞肉、火鍋豬肉片等等 全手工擠壓的優質日本柚子汁,無苦味無雜質,柚子香氣與菜餚相得益彰。可用於為火鍋、配肉片、生魚片、烤魚,用作醋漬菜餚、調味品,也可簡單加蜜糖喝,清新解渴! 成份: 100%日本山口縣柚子 * Glass bottle for health safety * Apart from diluting with water or tea as drinks, also suitable as salad dressing, sauce, for desserts or making fruit jam * Excellent as dipping sauce for pork, roasted chicken, or seafood eg. Oysters, grilled fish Hand-squeezed high-quality Japanese yuzu juice has no bitterness and impurities, the aroma of yuzu complements many different dishes. It can be used for hot pot, with meat slices, sashimi, grilled fish, used as vinegar dishes, condiments, or simply add honey as a drink, for a refreshing and thirst quenching experience ! Yuzuya Honten was established in January 1978 in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. They strove to put all their heart into producing the genuine, natural flavor from local ingredients. Daidai, Yuzu, Natsumikan and other citrus are grown locally and part of the ingredients are direct from their own farm. The yuzu citrus in this product are all squeezed one by one. Part of the juice is then matured for more than ten months at a consistent temperature, which results in a mild and rich taste that will add special flavor to various dishes. Ingredients : 100% yamaguchi yuzu