♻️日本 後文稲庭うどん Japanese Ogawa Inaniwa Udon



每包1kg 稻庭烏冬比一般的烏冬細一些,但又比素麵或涼麵粗一些,幼滑細膩,呈現出淡淡的奶油白。稻庭烏冬以冷凍食法最合適,幼身的麵條加上滑溜的麵質,冰凍爽滑口感,一試便愛上。 稻庭烏冬用來防止麵黏在一起的粉用的不是麵粉而是澱粉,且在乾燥之前會先將麵壓平,故呈扁平狀。稻庭烏冬最大的特點在於麵當中含有非常多的小氣泡,這是因為製作稻庭烏冬時需要不斷反覆去揉麵。揉完的麵發酵後再繼續揉,反覆多次。這些氣泡使得稻庭烏冬即使煮過後也能保存相當長的一段時間。而且據說這也是稻庭烏冬嚼勁十足的原因之一。 有別於傳統烏冬,稻庭烏冬的製法複雜得多,所以稻庭烏冬比較矜貴,不無道理。 成份:小麥粉、食塩、加工澱粉 Inaniwa udon are made in the Inaniwa area of Inakawa machi, Akita prefecture. They are hand-stretched, dried udon that slightly thinner than regular udon yet a bit thicker than somen or hiyamugi noodles, and are cream colored. The udon is kneaded on a starchy-floured board and flattened before drying, and perhaps the most important part of the making process is the repeated hand-kneading that follows. The noodles get kneaded and gradually shaped into their final form, and are then ready to be aged for a while. The aged udon are then kneaded again and again by hand so that they take in as many air bubbles as possible. Because of these air bubbles, udon can be kept for hours even after they are boiled, according to studies done by the Akita Research Institute of Food and Brewing. The air bubbles are also believed to make the udon chewy as well. Ingredients: Wheat flour, salt, modified starch

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