♻️日本 有機番茄醬 Japan Hikari Organic Tomato Sauce



每樽225g per bottle * 不使用防腐劑、著色劑、化學調味料、酵母提取物、蛋白質水解物、酸味劑 * 使用鮮紅完熟有機番茄 * 蒜頭、洋蔥、薑、純米醋都是100%國產有機 * 釀造醋是使用靜置發酵的有機米,不使用酒精 使用十分簡單,只需在平底鍋中加熱一點橄欖油,放入番茄醬,與剛煮好的意大利粉拌在一起食用。或直接使用於食物上例如奄列、雜菜、薄餅等等。 成份: 有機番茄、有機米醋、食鹽、有機蒜頭、有機洋蔥、麥芽糖、有機薑、香辛料 * No preservatives, coloring, artificial seasonings, yeast extracts, hydrolysed protein, acidity agents * Only use naturally ripened organic tomatoes * Garlic, onion, ginger and natural rice vinegar are all 100% from local japan organic * Fermented vinegar is naturally fermenting from organic rice, without using alcohol Use in very simple way. Heat up a little bit of olive oil in a pan, add tomato sauce, and mix in freshly cooked pasta. Or use directly on food such as egg omelettes, mixed cooked vegetables, pizza etc. Ingredients: Organic tomatoes, organic rice vinegar, salt, organic garlic, organic onions, malt sugar syrup, organic ginger, spices

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