♻️日本 木曾路赤麵 Japan Kiso Soba Noodle



每包200g * 建議煮五分鐘,及過冷河 使用專利的獨特 “亂序處理”,在麵條中添加不規則、捲曲和扭結,加上較長時間乾燥,使麵條不粘黏,質地清爽 成份: 小麥粉、蕎麥粉、鹽、麵筋、加工澱粉 Recommended cooking time: 5 minutes, with cold water rinsing after cooking Use patented manufacturing method of drying the noodles with irregular twists with longer drying time, noodle strings are not stuck together providing better texture Ingredients: Wheat flour, buckwheat flour, salt, gluten, modified starch

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