♻️日本 生薑芝麻味噌汁 Japan Marukome Sesame Miso Sauce



每樽430g per bottle 東京築地的日本料理名店 “月田村” 負責監製的冷湯原料。結合信州味噌和鯖魚的美味,加入金胡麻的濃稠和生薑的風味。不僅可以是煮餸的湯汁,用可用作冷湯,在炎熱的夏天以凍水稀䆁,更可加冰鎮享用冷麵條。 成份: 米味噌(日本國內製造)、薑蓉、芝麻、鯖魚提取物、鰹魚提取物、三文魚提取物、本味噌、白身魚提取物、貝類提取物、食鹽、海帶提取物/調味料、酒精 Production and ingredients responsible by Tsukitamura, a famous Japanese restaurant in Tsukiji, Tokyo. Combining the delicacy of Nagano miso and mackerel, enhanced by the thickness of golden sesame and the flavor of ginger. Not only can it be soup or sauce base for cooking, it can also be used as cold soup in hot summer for cold noodles. Dilute it with iced cold water, or enjoy with ice cubes added on the bottom. Ingredients: Rice miso (made in Japan), ginger paste, sesame, mackerel extract, bonito extract, salmon extract, hon miso, white fish extract, shellfish extract, salt, kelp extract/seasoning, alcohol