♻️ 英國 無添加辛味蜜糖芥末醬 U.K. Tracklements Spiced Honey Mustard



每樽 140g 零添加、不含麩質 適合配雞、豬、羊 特別啱配火腿、豬肉產品 甜味加一點點辣味恰到好處 成份: 果醋、芥末籽、蜜糖、葵花籽油、原蔗糖、黑胡椒、五香、辣椒 開瓶後需冷藏 Sweetness, spices and a feisty kick, this is a delight with all things porky, especially sweetcure ham and chipolatas “Packs a punch with a big, initial English mustard hit, but nicely tempered by a pleasant honey sweetness to the finish.” Shortlist Magazine Strong and sweet – a must for ham Ingredients: Cider Vinegar, Mustard Seed (27%), Honey (23%), Sunflower Oil, Raw Cane Sugar, Black Peppercorns, Allspice, Chillies. Refrigerate after opening Gluten free