♻️意大利 西西里鹽之花 Italy Antica Salina Flower of Salt



每樽400g per tub * 在意大利西西里鹽之都 — 特拉帕尼製造 * 需全人手收成,供應比其他鹽稀少珍貴 * 非常具風味,能增強而不掩蓋食物的真正味道 * 含豐富鎂、鈣和鉀等必需礦物質,有助於調節血壓和改善骨骼健康 鹽之花,法語中稱為Fleur de sel,是海水表面蒸發時形成薄薄細緻的表層,留下最純淨最佳品質的鹽,含最豐富的必需礦物質。鹽之花極輕且薄,與其他商業大量用的鹽不同,需人手從海岸邊收穫取得,過程需極細緻小心的手工處理。 鹽之花的殘留水分含量有10%,灑上食物時融化得較慢,更能保持原有的風味和質感,因此受到高度讚賞,就像是鹽界的高級初榨橄欖油。 特拉帕尼被稱為鹽之都,位於西西里島西部,是非常古老的鹽田,佔地約1400公頃,完全被大海和鹽所包圍。儘管幾個世紀以來生產方式不斷創新,但該地區仍然以傳統方法,維繫著一個自然而平衡的生態系統。 成份:100%海鹽 ⚠️ 製造此產品之廠房也有處理果仁產品 * Made in Trapani, Sicily - the capital of salt * Hand harvested and supply is scarce * Very sapid, helps to enhance without covering the real taste of the food * Rich in essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, helps regulating blood pressure and improve bone health Flower of salt, in french called Fleur de sel, is a salt that forms as a thin, delicate smooth crystal crust on the surface of seawater as it evaporates, leaving the purest best quality of salt which is rich in essential minerals. Unlike other commercially available salt, it has to be harvested from the banks of the ocean strictly by hand. The harvesting process of salt flower is extremely intricate and requires careful maneuvering. Fleur de sel has a residual moisture content, up to 10%, which means that it melts slower when sprinkled on dishes. Hence fleur de sel is appreciated as much for its complex mineral flavours, as it is for its crunchy texture. Fleur de sel is the extra virgin olive oil of the salt world. Trapani is the capital of salt, in the west of Sicily, the very old salt works covers an area of about 1,400 hectares - completely surrounded by the sea and salt pans. Despite the innovations in the production cycle over the centuries, the area still represents an ecological system, naturally balanced. The saline system feeds on organic matter (plankton) and inorganic matter (sea water), while the energy used is solar and wind energy. The functional relationships between the different parts of this complex organism define an incomparable natural ecosystem. Ingredients: 100% sea salt ⚠️ Made in a factory that also process nuts