♻️日本 紅豆 Japan Red Bean Paste



每罐430g per can * 用途極廣泛,可配雪糕、白玉丸子、年糕,中式甜湯、湯圓、豆沙包、餅之類 * 帶蜜味的帶甜日本紅豆 * 無添加色素、防腐劑 成份: 水、糖、紅豆、鹽 * No colouring or preservatives Red bean paste, also called anko or azuki bean paste, is a sweetened condiment widely used in East Asian cuisine. Raw azuki beans are slow cooked with water, sugar, and salt until tender and aromatic. These beans are then ground to make anko (red bean paste) in either koshian (fine) or tsubuan (coarse) varieties. This can contains fully cooked and ready-to-eat anko for your favorite recipes or as a topping. Ingredients: Water, sugar, red bean, salt Uses: Red bean paste is excellent as a filling for pastries, mochi, as topping for pancakes, shaved ice, and ice cream, or for many different Chinese desserts

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