♻️日本 結緣烏冬或素麵 Japan Kakizato Handmade Udon or Noodle Set

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每盒六個 75g× 6 * 全人手編織,五種全天然蔬菜全素麵 * 每盒連精美包裝紙,送禮極佳 * 禮盒尺寸:24 × 16.5 × 5.5cm Kakizato 是富山縣的一家專門造懷石料理的餐廳。原意是希望贈送一些有祝福意義的紀念品給客人,於是將這種有170年的編織技術,造成一些像花朶一樣美麗的編織麵條,於餐卓上為客人奉上。由於極受欣賞及歡迎,發展成代表性的紀念品。 這些寓意吉祥,每個像盛開花朵一樣可愛的乾麵,美麗得令人著迷,一般能令收禮者驚喜萬分!適合作任何節日,喜慶日子之禮物例如生日、週年紀念。體面又與眾不同。 成份: 小麥粉、鹽、紫番薯粉、甜椒粉、南瓜粉、抹茶粉、綠藻粉、櫻花粉、薄力粉、胭脂蟲紅色素 * 100% hand weaved. 6 different all natural vegan noodles * Each gift box comes with an unique and beautiful wrapping paper * Gift box size : 24 × 16.5 × 5.5cm Kakizato is a restaurant in Toyama Prefecture that specializes in Kaiseki cuisine. The original intention was to present some blessing to their guests, so they used this 170-year weaving technology to create these woven noodles that are as beautiful as flowers and served them on the table. Because it is highly appreciated and welcomed, it has developed into a representative souvenir. Each dried noodle, carrying auspicious meanings, is as lovely as a blooming flower, fascinatingly beautiful and usually surprises the person receiving the them! It is a decent and unique gift for any festivals or for any festive days eg. Birthdays, anniversaries Ingredients : Wheat flour, salt, purple yam powder, paprika powder, pumpkin powder, matcha powder, chlorella, Sakura powder, cake flour, cochineal colouring