♻️澳洲 無糖燕麥奶 Australia So Good Unsweetened Oat Milk

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每盒1L per box * 使用澳洲燕麥製成,全素 * 不加糖、高鈣、低飽和脂肪 * 沒人工色素、香料 * 不含乳糖、膽固醇、乳製品 成份: 過濾水、研磨燕麥(最少9%)、植物油、礦物質(鈣 / 磷)、酸度調節劑、鹽、抗氧化劑(維他命C)、維他命B12 / A / B2 / D / B1 * Made using Australian Oats, vegan friendly * No added sugar, high calcium, low saturated fat * No Artificial colours or flavours * No Lactose, Cholesterol, Dairy So Good™ Oat Milk Unsweetened is a delicious, plant-based beverage made from oats. Australian grown oats are softly milled and blended with the best ingredients, to create an oat milk that is totally creamy in taste. With the goodness of oats, plus calcium and vitamins D, B2 and B12, So Good Oat milk is also super versatile. Add it to your smoothies, warmed on your cereal, or enjoy it by the glass. Ingredients : Filtered water, milled oats (min 9%), vegetable oils, minerals (calcium / phosphorus), acidity regulator, salt, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), vitamins (B12 / A / B2 / D / B1)

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