♻️美國 特幼杏仁粉 U.S. Bob’s Redmill Super Fine Almond Flour

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每包一磅453g (1lb) 優質杏仁粉是最好的無麩質低碳水化合物麵粉之代替品,Bob’s Redmill 的超細杏仁粉由加州種植最好的杏仁製成,這些杏仁經過漂白和研磨,是製作無麩質、原始、無穀物烘焙食品的必備! 無麩質飲食——排除含麩質食物的飲食。麩質是一種存在於小麥、大麥、黑麥和黑小麥(小麥和黑麥的雜交種)中的蛋白質。大多數關於無麩質飲食的研究都是針對乳糜瀉患者進行的,其實就算不是有乳糜瀉症狀,有某程度麩質敏感的情況也是非常普遍的 低碳飲食——讓你從蛋白質和脂肪中獲得所需的卡路里,而非從大部分容易消化的碳水化合物,如糖、汽水、甜品和以白麵粉為基礎的食物 古法飲食——理論是根據石器時代人類可以獲得的食物,普遍是最原始的食物包括蔬菜、水果、堅果、根莖和肉類。這種健康飲食變得越來越流行,鼓勵人們吃健康和未加工的食物 Natural Almond Flour is ground from whole almonds, skins and all. Perfect for paleo and gluten free, grain free baking and cooking, this almond meal’s super fine texture and nutty flavor produces superior cakes, pie crusts, French macarons and other baked goods! Adding almond flour to your favorite recipe will add a wonderful richness. It can even be used in place of graham cracker crumbs for a decadent non-bake pie crust! Gluten-free diet - An eating plan that excludes foods containing gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). Most studies on gluten-free diets have been done on people with celiac disease, but there is another condition called gluten sensitivity that also causes problems with gluten Low carb diet - The idea is for you to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. Cutting back most on the carbs that are easy to digest, like sugar, soda, pastries, and foods that are white flour based Paleo diet - Based on foods presumed to be available to Paleolithic humans, the Paleo diet typically includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and meat. It has become more and more popular within healthy eating circles which can have people wondering if it's the right diet for them. At a high level, the diet encourages people to eat wholesome and unprocessed foods, who can argue with that?