❄️台灣 洋蔥豬肉米漢堡 Taiwan Si Sheng Pork and Onion Rice Burgers



每盒三個 160g x 3 per pack 喜生使用台灣優良稻米生產商的CNS優質白米,新鮮脫殼,米香煙靱。生產線嚴格遵守 ISO22000、HACCP 品質管理。喜生於2000年成立,專心經營米類輕食產品,至今已硏發出十幾種口味的米漢堡及飯團產品。 成份: 水、白米、豬肉(台灣)、洋蔥、醬油、糖、大豆沙律油、蒜頭、味醂(糯米 / 米麴 / 果糖 / 水 / 釀造酢 / 鹽)、改性澱粉、料理米酒、素蠔油[水 / 蔗糖轉化液糖 / 非基因改造黃豆(高蛋白豆片)/ 小麥 / 鹽 / 黏稠劑(玉米糖膠 / 改性澱粉) / 酵母提取物 / 香菇粉]、玉米澱粉 Si Sheng uses newly polished rice from Taiwan's rice producers that meet Taiwan CNS high quality standard, rice is fresh and chewy. Their production line strictly complies with ISO22000 and HACCP quality management. Founded in 2000, Si Sheng has focused on developing light meal products with rice, so far they have developed more than 10 different flavours of rice burgers and rice ball products. Ingredients: Water, white rice, pork (Taiwan), onion, soy sauce, sugar, soybean oil, garlic, mirin (glutinous rice / rice koji / fructose / water / fermented vinegar / salt), modified starch, cooking rice wine, vegetarian oyster sauce [water / cane sugar inverted syrup / non-GMO soybean (high protein soy solid) / wheat / salt / thickener (corn syrup / modified starch) / yeast extract / mushroom powder], corn starch

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