❄️意大利 開心果雪菲冰糕球 Italy Bindi Tartufo Pistacchio



每個125g per portion * 外層是開心果雪菲冰糕,中心是半溶開心果醬,表面再伴以焦糖榛子脆脆粒及開心果仁碎 超過75年來,Bindi一直為意大利和世界各地最著名、最充滿要求的餐館服務。要在這行業取得成功,需要由善於溝通和表達、專業和不斷創新的人員組成。Bindi團隊以不斷提高他們的專業水平迎接新挑戰,作為永恆目標。 意大利雪糕類不僅有 Gelato,還有一種「半冷凍」甜品,口感類似慕斯mousse 和雪糕ice cream 的結合體,叫Semifreddo,基本上像冷凍慕斯,比雪糕內含多一點空氣,感覺輕身而且口感更綿滑。正規雪糕的質地則比較稠密,脂肪含量較高,空氣含量低。 成份: 脫水還原脫脂奶、糖、葡萄糖漿、開心果碎、開心果醬 4.4%、葡萄果糖漿、椰子油、焦糖榛子碎(榛子 / 糖)、乳糖、脫水脫脂牛奶、改性澱粉、乳化劑(脂肪酸單甘油酯 / 二甘油酯)、牛奶蛋白、刺槐豆膠、人工香料 ⚠️ 含牛奶、雞蛋、小麥和椰子,可能含有其他果仁和大豆 * pistachio semifreddo with a molten pistachio core, coated with caramelised hazelnuts and crushed pistachio nuts For over 75 years Bindi has served the most renowned and discerning restaurateurs in Italy and around the world. To succeed in this industry it takes an organization of articulate, professional, and innovative people. The Bindi team is constantly rising to new challenges and continually improving their professionalism. Semifreddo is light in texture; basically a frozen mousse with mix-ins for flavor. It has more air incorporated in the mixture, giving it the lighter feel. Ice cream is denser in texture: it has a higher fat content and lower air content, plus it is churned over time to create the characteristic creamy texture. Ingredients: Rehydrated skimmed milk, sugar, glucose syrup, crushed pistachio, pistachio paste 4.4%, glucose fructose syrup, coconut oil, crushed caramelised hazelnuts (hazelnuts / sugar), lactose, dried skimmed milk, modified starch, emulsifier (mono and diglycerides of fatty acid), milk proteins, locust bean gum, artificial flavouring ⚠️ Contains milk, eggs, wheat and coconut. May contain traces of other tree nuts and soy