❄️日式 雞皮餃子 Japan Style Chicken Skin Gyoza



每包500g 約20隻 雞皮經過適度去油,外皮鬆脆可口不油膩,餡料豐富多汁。直接將產品從冰箱取出,煎或用氣炸鍋也可。推薦配搭醋醬油、柚子汁、甜辣醬等等多種醬料,也可完全不加任何醬汁享用。一流佐酒小吃。 成份: 雞皮、雞肉、蔬菜(香菇 / 韭菜 / 白菜 / 蔥 / 姜)、香菇、醬油、澱粉、大豆蛋白、麻油、糖、鹽、調味料 日本進口中國產 Chicken skin moderately degreased, skin becomes crispy, delicious and not greasy, the filling is juicy. Take product out of the freezer and fry or use an air fryer. It is recommended to pair with various sauces such as vinegar soy sauce, yuzu sauce, sweet chili sauce, etc. You can also enjoy it without any sauce at all. First-class snacks with beer or wine! Ingredients: Chicken skin, chicken meat, vegetables (bamboo shoot / chives / bak choy / green onion / ginger), mushroom, soy sauce, starch, soy protein, sesame oil, sugar, salt, seasoning Japan brand made in china