❄️日本 佐賀A5黑毛和牛肉眼火鍋片 Japan Saga A5 Wagyu Ribeye Hotpot Slices



每包150g per pack * 適合壽喜燒使用,溶化口中 九州產的佐賀牛、宮崎牛之最高等級的A5黑毛和牛,特有細膩的霜降,外表和吃起來都是最上等的享受。在全國約150多頭黑毛和牛品種中最高級別的,日本肉類評級協會肉質等級中的最高品質。嚴格挑選5級,BMS 7以上才稱為佐賀牛。 * Particularly suitable for Sukiyaki, melds in your mouth experience The highest-level A5 Wagyu beef produced in Kyushu are Saga and Miyazaki beef that are uniquely delicate and marbled, the appearance and taste provide the best enjoyment. Among the 150+ black-haired Wagyu varieties in the country, it is the highest quality in the meat quality grade of the Japanese Meat Rating Association. Level 5 is strictly selected, and only BMS 7 or above is qualified to be called Saga Gyu.