❄️日本 宮崎A3和牛肩胛肉眼片 Japan Miyazaki A3 Chuck Eye Roll Slices



每份200g per pack 宮崎縣是和牛一大生產地,與北海道跟鹿兒島縣一同名列牛肉生產量排行榜前幾名,能冠上「宮崎牛」的名稱必須通過嚴格標準檢驗,其第一代祖先為縣內公種牛。 2018年,宮崎牛被選用為奧斯卡頒獎典禮會後晚宴「The Governors Ball」料理使用食材之一,連續三屆入選食材名單的宮崎牛,人氣直線上升。 Miyazaki is a large production area of wagyu beef, ranks in the top of the beef production list together with Hokkaido and Kagoshima. To bear the name of "Miyazaki Cattle" they must meet strict standards including its first generation of ancestors being male cattle in the prefecture. In 2018, Miyazaki wagyu was selected to include in the dinner menu for "The Governors Ball" after the Oscar ceremony. It has been on the menu for three consecutive years and gained its popularity.