❄️日本 左口魚刺身 Japan Flounder Sashimi



$580/kg 每包4-5條 約200-220g 左口魚裙邊油份豐富,肥美爽口,油香停留於口內令人非常回味。由於裙邊比較少,每條魚只有四塊,所以價格較高 日本左口魚比較肥大肉厚,咬下去非常有質感,不會碎濕濕。由於油脂豐富,最適合塗上昆布醬油炙燒。 此為日本產品 Engawa usually means parts of muscle in a tail fin of flatfish. One flatfish provides only four pieces of engawa, it is as expensive as “toro”, a fatty flesh of tuna. Best to brush with seaweed soy sauce and serve seared Product of Japan

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