❄️日本 急凍鮎魚 Japan Ayu Sweetfish

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每條約100g per fish 鮎魚是日本人其中最喜愛的淡水河魚,又被叫作香魚,因魚肉散發著清香果味。鮎魚從北海道南部朝鮮半島一帶至越南北部,大部份分佈於日本的河流,從北海道一直棲息到沖繩。鮎魚會環游於河流和大海,在日本是代表性的河魚。牠們在秋天進行產卵,兩週左右孵化,下到海裏成長後回到出生的河流產卵,結束短暫的一生。時間為一年,所以也被稱為 “年魚”。 鮎魚不能在渾濁的水中生存,所以有牠們棲息的地方也可反映水的質素。鮎魚秋天在河口附近產卵,孵化的幼魚在離河口不遠的海域,吃浮遊植物和小蝦等動物性的東西長大,到了春天就變成了5~10cm左右的幼魚,開始回到河裡去,主要像吃附著在岩石上的藻類。 Ayu sweetfish is one of the Japanese's favorite freshwater fish, also known as ‘fragrant’ fish, because the fish meat exudes a fragrant fruity taste. From the Korean Peninsula in the south of Hokkaido to northern Vietnam, most of them are distributed in Japanese rivers, and live along Hokkaido to Okinawa. Ayu fish swims around rivers and the sea, and is a representative river fish in Japan. They lay eggs in autumn, hatch in about two weeks, swim to and grow up in the sea, return to the river where they were born to lay eggs, ending their short life. The cycle is one year, therefore they’re also known as the "annual fish". Ayu fish cannot survive in turbid water, so the place where they live can also reflect the quality of water. They lay eggs in the estuary which is the river area connecting the sea. The hatched fish grow up in the sea not far from the estuary eating zooplankton and tiny shrimps. In spring, they grow to the size of about 5-10cm and return to the river, mainly like eating algae on rocks.