❄️日本 真打稻庭烏冬 Japanese Inaniwa Udon

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每包 5 塊 1.25kg (5 pieces per pack) 每包 2 塊 500g (2 pieces per pack) * 小包真空包裝,避免麵條被雪壞,能保持最佳口感 * 不用解凍可直接從冰箱取出烹調 採用日本當地小麥麵粉,精心制造出口感爽滑彈牙的稻庭烏冬。無須預先解凍或過冷河, 烹煮更方便! 熱水煮1-2分鐘即可,冷、熱食皆宜 成分:水、小麥粉、改性澱粉、鹽、小麥蛋白質 * Smaller vacuumed packed = no freezer burn * Do not need to be defrosted before cooking The easy-to-slurp and chewy Inaniwa udon are hand-stretched, dried udon that slightly thinner than regular udon yet a bit thicker than ramen noodles. Ingredients: Water, Wheat flour, Modified starch, Salt, Wheat protein