❄️日本 藍鰭吞拿魚中腩トロ (急凍/未切) Japan Bluefin Tuna Chu-toro (Frozen / Uncut)

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$1300/kg 每件約1kg per piece $1500/kg 每件約500g per piece * 來自100公斤大魚,一級靚貨 * 產品只包括刺身魚肉,不包括飯團 * 原件,需自行切塊 中拖羅(ちゅうとろ)顏色粉紅,脂肪比例較高,魚香恰到好處,非常甘香,肥瘦大約是「赤身」以及脂肪豐富「大拖羅」的之間。 📌此產品之網上價錢是根據平均重量計算,最後單價需按實際重量計算(通常+/-5至10%) * Comes from 100kg+ extra large fish * Rice not included * Whole piece, cutting / slicing required Chutoro is the belly area of the tuna along the side of the fish between the akami and the otoro. It is often preferred because it is fatty but not as fatty as otoro. 📌 This is a pay-by-weight item. Listed price is based on average weight of the product, final amount will be based on actual weight (usually within +/-5 to 10%)