❄️日本 醬燒年糕串 Japan Soy Sauce Rice Mochi



每包5串十個 325g (per pack of 10 mochi cakes) * 放室溫解凍比較好(兩小時) * 如放雪櫃解凍,會令年糕容易變硬 * 如使用氣炸鍋,翻熱後等年糕稍為放涼才吃會比較脆口 成份: 粳米粉、水、糖、還原葡萄糖、植物油、醬油(含小麥 / 大豆)、海苔、調味料、改性澱粉、柴魚提取物、昆布提取物 * Best to defrost in room temperature (2hrs) * Rice cake texture can become hard if defrosting or kept in the fridge * If using air fryer to reheat, suggest to let them cool down for a more crispy finish Ingredients: Japan rice flour, water, sugar, reduced glucose, vegetable oil, soy sauce (contains wheat and soybean), seaweed, seasoning, modified starch, bonito extract, kelp extract