❄️日本 鹿兒島柚子豬梅肉片 Japan Nanchiku Yuzu Pork Collar Sliced



每包150g 飼料加入日本知名的九州柚子,令豬肉油膩感少,口感清爽。柚子對身體十分有益,例如增強免疫力,調節腸道,防止衰老以及防止色斑和雀斑。經餵飼柚子的豬肉,含豐富硬脂酸,膳食硬脂酸有降壞膽固醇、降血壓,改善心臟功能等等。此外,更可減低身體水份流失,減少皮膚出現細紋。 Animal feed is added with famous Kyushu grapefruit in Japan, giving a less greasy mouthfeel for the pork meat. Yuzu is very beneficial to the body, such as strengthening immunity, regulating the intestines, preventing aging, and preventing stains and freckles. Pork fed with grapefruit is rich in stearic acid. Dietary stearic acid can lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve heart function and so on. In addition, it can reduce the loss of body water and reduce the appearance of fine lines on the skin.



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