❄️法國 夏日馬卡龍 France Bridor Summer Macarons



每盒48粒 六種口味: 椰子、士多啤梨、黑加侖子、香橙、杏桃、玫瑰醬 Bridor 是一家有30年歴史,專門製造精緻法國麵包和糕點的法國公司,他們會優先考慮法國當地產品(例如忌廉或牛油)或選擇受保護的原產地產品,如Guerande 鹽焦糖,Roussillon 杏脯,Sicilian 檸檬或Bourbon雲呢拿。在準備產品時十分講究細節,許多步驟都是手工完成的 6 flavours: Coconut, strawberry, blackcurrant, orange blossom, apricot, rose flavour Bridor de France is a 30 year old French company specialising in producing a full range of enjoyable bakery products embodying French lifestyle and entertaining arts: elegance, refinement, flavors, pleasures, conviviality, and sharing. Their Chefs select top quality ingredients. When possible, they prioritize local French products (when using cream or butter for example) or select protected designation of origin products, such as Guerande salted caramel, Roussillon apricots, Sicilian lemons or Bourbon Vanilla. A lot of attention to detail is required when preparing their products, and many tasks are carried out by hand.