❄️法國 無激素黃油雞 France Savel Yellow Coquelet Chicken



每隻1kg * 清真認證、粟米餵飼 * 不含激素、基因改造 * 整焗雞、燒雞最適合 法國 Savel黃油雞於法國出生、飼養、屠宰和加工。飼料是含豐富維他命和礦物質的100%粟米。雞隻餵養期緩慢,時間約40-44天。 * Halal certified. Corn fed * No added hormones, Non GMO * Best to oven bake or grill Savel Yellow Chickens are born, raised, slaughtered and processed in France. They are slow-fed with vitamin-enriched raw materials of 100% corn-fed vegetarian and mineral origin. Breeding time: approx 40-44 days.