❄️法國 野生鱸魚扒 France Wild Patagonia Toothfish Seabass

部位 Fish cut



$540/kg 1吋扒:每包1塊 約400g+ per pack of 1” cod loin x 1 $480/kg 1吋扒:每包2塊 約400g+ per pack of 1” cod loin x 2 $420/kg 魚尾開半 每包2邊約400g per pack of tail fillet x 2 法國,世界上其中最大的犬牙鱈魚漁業之一,從法國南極領地 (TAAF) 群島周圍的冰川水域捕撈犬牙鱈魚。 TAAF 檢查員會在船上驗證而評估捕魚規則是否得到遵守。魚一旦從水中取出,就會立即安排冷凍以保持其味道和新鮮度。 犬牙魚含豐富omega-3和-6脂肪酸,有助於保護心血管系統。它也是微量礦物質的重要來源,包括碘化物、鋅、鈣、銅、硒和氟化物,以及磷等其他礦物質。 In France, one of the world’s largest Patagonian toothfish fishery, harvest the fish from the glacial waters around the Crozet and Kerguelen Islands in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands / Terres australes et antarctiques françaises (TAAF). A TAAF inspector must always be aboard the vessels to verify that the rules, which are reassessed every year, are being followed. As soon as they are taken from the water, the fish are prepared and frozen to preserve their taste and freshness. Toothfish is rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, which help protect the cardio-vascular system. It is also a significant source of trace minerals, including iodide, zinc, calcium, copper, selenium, and fluoride, as well as other minerals like phosphorus.