❄️澳洲 和牛牛腩邊 Australia Carrara Wagyu Beef Deckle



$430/kg 每塊兩塊約600-800g 牛腩分為兩部分,即 the flat 和 the point (deckle)。Point 來自牛胸腩的頂部,較厚較肥美的末端,因其明顯的尖尖形狀而得名。平時吃的炆牛腩是沒有這部份的。Deckle 肉味濃郁而且多汁,是廚師的最愛! 適合手切炒、火鍋、韓燒、BBQ Beef Brisket is separated into two portions, the Flat and the Point (also known as the Deckle). The Point comes from the top of the Brisket, it is the thicker, fattier end of the Brisket, earning its name from its distinctly pointy shape. This fat melts into the meat during preparation imbuing it with flavor while keeping the beef moist and preventing anything from getting too dry. In terms of flavor, the brisket point is hard to beat, layered with rich and delicious creamy fat, this translates into bold, beefy flavor and a juicy succulence that makes this cut a chef favorite! Can be used in many ways: stir fry, hotpot, Korean style grill, bbq etc