❄️澳洲 榖飼法式羊架 Australia Thomas Foods Supreme Grain fed Lamb Rack



$450/kg 每排8支骨 約750g per whole rack of 8 bones * 肉質特別鮮嫩,肥瘦適中,有羊味得來唔羶 * 無抗生素 / 激素 / 無基因改造飼料 * 去肥 Cap-off 羊架肉鮮嫩及柔軟,營養豐富,含優質蛋白11%,脂肪29% 為豬肉的一半。《本草綱目》載其功用 "羊肉能暖中補虛,補中益氣,開胃健力,治虛勞惡冷五勞七傷" 可見羊肉健康又富營養。 📌此產品之網上價錢是根據平均重量計算,最後單價需按實際重量計算(通常+/-5至10%) * Particularly tender with moderate amount of fat, good lamb flavour with no noticeable gaminess * No antibiotics, hormones, GMO animal feed * Fat cap-off Australians lamb is known around the world as flavoursome, versatile and natural. Thomas Foods has built an enviable reputation for delivering consistently premium quality lamb, sourced from some of Australia’s most pristine pastureland. 📌 This is a pay-by-weight item. Listed price is based on average weight of the product, final amount will be based on actual weight (usually within +/-5 to 10%)