❄️澳洲 草飼羊頸柳 Australia Thomas Foods Grass Fed Lamb Neck Fillets



$320/kg 每包1條約500g per pack of 1 * 適合煎、焗、炆、炒,中西皆宜 來自羊仔的羊頸柳肉,特別嫩滑無渣,煮法多變,熱食冷盤也可。西式吃法可以紅酒汁煮,配蜜糖芥末醬、薄荷醬等等 📌此產品之網上價錢是根據平均重量計算,最後單價需按實際重量計算(通常+/-5至10%) * Suitable for pan fry, bake, stew or stir fry for both western and Chinese cooking Lamb neck fillet from young sheep is particularly tender and free of tough fibre, high marbling makes this cut a stand out for tenderness and full of flavour. Can be served as hot food or cold dishes. Example of western cooking : cook with red wine sauce and pair with honey mustard, mint sauce, etc. Australian lamb is known around the world as flavoursome, versatile and natural. Thomas Foods has built an enviable reputation for delivering consistently premium quality lamb, sourced from some of Australia’s most pristine pastureland. 📌 This is a pay-by-weight item. Listed price is based on average weight of the product, final amount will be based on actual weight (usually within +/-5 to 10%)