❄️澳洲 野生急凍青邊鮑魚 Australia Wild Caught Frozen Greenlip Abalaone

尺寸大小 Abalone size



每隻約250-350g 澳洲野生捕獲的鮑魚使用IQF單獨快速冷凍方法急凍,以確保最高的新鮮度。青邊鮑魚有天然的油滑口感和鹹味。 它們位於流入南澳海洋的南極水域,在極寒冷的氣候下茁壯成長。 鮑魚油份含量低,質地堅實,味道比黑邊鮑魚略為強烈。最好用大火幾秒快煮,或用小火慢煮。鮑魚肉很好地能吸收風味,可以紅燒、蒸、水煮、煎炸、炒、燒烤或生吃。 在各種食譜中,有嚼勁口感的鮑魚可替代魷魚或章魚之類的配料。 Australian wild caught greenlip abalone snapped frozen using IQF (individually quick frozen) method to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Greenlip Abalone are naturally buttery and salty. Located from the Antarctic waters that flow into the Southern Australian Ocean, they thrive in extremely cold climate conditions. Abalone is low in oil with a subtle flavour and firm texture. Greenlip has a slightly stronger flavour than Blacklip. It’s best cooked very quickly over a high heat (for just a few seconds) or very slowly over a low heat (for up to 6 hours, depending on size). The meat absorbs flavours well and can be braised, steamed, poached, pan-fried, stir-fried, barbecued or eaten raw (sashimi). The firm texture means it can be a good substitute for Squid, Octopus or Cuttlefish in some recipes.

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