❄️紐西蘭 天然走地全雞 New Zealand Bird & Barrow Free Range Whole Chicken



每隻約1.3kg * 100% 不使用任何抗生素 / 荷爾蒙 * 愛心飼養、嚴格跟隨全世界最高規格人道飼養 * 雞隻室外放養,牠們可自由伸展、自行找種子或蟲仔吃,體格強健、健康快樂地成長 At Bird & Barrow, the Free Range birds are raised with genuine care and are always 100% antibiotic free, with no added hormones. From the moment they’re hatched, the birds are given the best care possible. Animal Welfare standards at Bird & Barrow are some of the highest in the world. ✅ Free-To-Roam They can spread their wings, forage for seeds and insects and experience natural light and fresh air together ✅ 100% Antibiotic Free Because of exemplary standards of care, control, protection and freedom, all birds are naturally healthier and are able to be raised without antibiotics – right from the very start ✅ 100% Hormone Free Never adding any hormones