❄️紐西蘭 牛扒芝士批 New Zealand Dad’s Pies Steak and Cheese Pie



每包一個 200g per pack of 1 * 無添加仼何味精,防腐劑,成份天然 * 真材實料,只採用少脂肪的高質牛肉 成份: 酥皮 — 小麥粉、水、人造牛油、酥油、芝士、水糖、鹽 餡料 — 水、牛肉、芝士、改性澱粉、大豆蛋白、調味、洋蔥、蒜頭、焦糖色素、喼汁、紅椒粉、香草、白糊椒、豆蔻 📌 加熱說明 請加熱前先解凍。 傳統焗爐 — 預熱至180°C,加熱20分鐘或直到熟透 微波爐 — 1100w 75 秒/ 750w 120 秒 ⚠️ 解凍後:在4°C或以下儲存最多13天 ⚠️ 加熱後建議在同一天食用 * No added preservatives, MSG or artificial flavours. Ingredients are all natural * Only uses high quality low fat real beef Hang on to your hat – this one comes fully loaded with lean-as beef, and oozing with delicious cheesiness. Dad's pies is a family owned and operated company which was established in 1981. Their high quality, great value pies are very popular throughout the country. Ingredients: Pie crust — wheat flour, water, margarine, shortening, cheese, glaze, salt Pie filling — water, beef, cheese, modified starch, soy protein, seasoning, onion, garlic, caramel colouring, worcestershire sauce, paprika, mixed herbs, white pepper, nutmeg 📌Heating instructions Defrost before heating OVEN (recommended for the perfect pie): Pre Heat oven to 180°C. Heat for 20 minutes or until cooked through. MICROWAVE (if you just can't wait): 1100w = 75 secs 750w = 120 secs ⚠️ ONCE DEFROSTED: Store at or below 4°C for a maximum of 13 days ⚠️ Once the pie has been heated it should be consumed the same day