❄️美國 天然安格斯免治牛肉 U.S. Meyer Natural Angus Minced Beef



每包400g * 100%全天然素材飼料 * 不使用任何荷爾蒙、抗生素 Meyer 牛肉是全素食或草飼、不使用添加激素或抗生素,同時遵循嚴格的人道飼養動物做法,提供最優質的安格斯牛肉 All Meyer products are made without the use of added hormones or antibiotics on a vegetarian-fed or grass-fed diet. Only the best beef, pork, or chicken are selected, for the highest quality, most mouth-watering eating experience while following strict humane animal practices! You can trust that every Meyer product you choose to feed your family follows the rigorous standards and practices set out so many years ago - called The Meyer Way!