❄️美國 特級純黑安格斯牛肋骨 U.S. Iowa Prime Black Angus Bone in Short Ribs

切割類型 Type of cut



$280/kg 每包一條約1kg per 1 whole bone $300/kg 切段約1kg per pack of stew cut * 原條約12吋長 * 適合烤焗原汁原味 * 全粟米飼料 美國 Iowa premium beef 是一個家庭營運的農場,由飼料到驗貨、包裝都經人手小心處理。飼料是100%粟米 * Roughly 12” in length * Perfect for oven roast or bbq * 100% corn fed Iowa Premium Angus Sets a New Standard when it comes to Rich, Bold and Savory Beef - well marbled, flavorful beef stems from the farming heritage and its set of native resources — deep rich topsoil, temperate climate and plentiful rainfall. These are the perfect conditions for farm families, fields of corn and Black Angus cattle to thrive — the trifecta when it comes to flavorful tender, premium beef. Iowa Premium Angus available in USDA Choice grade or for an extraordinary eating experience try their USDA Prime. * Raised by farm families in Iowa and neighboring upper Midwest states * Black and black baldy Angus for superior marbling * Corn-fed for exceptional flavor * Raised and finished in the USA * A maturity; 30 months of less of age for outstanding color and tenderness * Visually appealing beef * No dark cutters * Practically free of capillary rupture * No dairy breed influence for superior muscling * No Brahman breed influence for consistent tenderness * 此產品需按實際重量計算 * This is a pay-by-weight item