❄️美國 頂級純黑安格斯牛小排 U.S. Creekstone Prime Black Angus Short Ribs Steak-cut

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$480/kg 每包2-3件約 450g average weight per pack of 2-3 $420/kg 原件 約1.2kg per pack of whole piece * 厚切 / 真空包裝 烹調建議: 💡一口牛形式煮咖哩、鮮茄、黑椒汁之類 💡切片炒菜 💡BBQ 炭燒或簡單落鹽同黑椒煎 💡因厚切的厚度,建議自行起筋,以保證啖啖軟滑 Cooking suggestions: 💡In cubes to put in stew in chinese / korean style 💡Cut in slices, stir fry with vegetables 💡Simple grill / pan fry as steaks 💡Recommend to remove any silver skin on steak cuts * 此產品需按實際重量計算 * This is a pay-by-weight item