❄️英國 威爾斯草飼羊肩片 Welsh Grass fed Lamb Shoulder Slices



每包100g 優質英國威爾斯草飼 無任何添加荷爾蒙 / 抗生素 清真認證 法定保護地區產品 * Premium grass fed lamb * No added hormones and antibiotics * Halal certified * Protected geographical indication (PGI) status granted Welsh Lamb is the only lamb breed in the world certified by Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for unique meat characteristics. The firm and pink with fragrance flavour of Welsh Lamb comes from the traditional husbandry methods and raised with the purest of natural ingredients - clean air, sweet spring water, fresh grass and fragrant heather. It also makes the meat lean and nutrient dense.



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