❄️英國 康沃爾凝脂奶油 U.K. Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream

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每盒40g * 低糖,適合生酮飲食 * 100%採用英國南部康沃爾牛奶 * 小盒裝,方便一次過用完,適合派對使用 Rodda's 自1890年一直製作凝脂奶油,通過輕輕烘焙當地生產的奶,直到它變得濃稠、油潤細滑。凝脂奶油不僅特別配鬆餅和果醬,更可配:蘋果批、水果餡餅、煮甜梨、布甸、朱古力布朗尼,什至鹹味肉批 成份: 100% 康沃爾牛奶 食用注意: 於雪櫃解凍,並於十天內食用 * Low sugar, suitable for ketogenic diet * Authentic Cornish milk * Small size for one time use, perfect for parties too Rodda's have been crafting their Clotted Cream in the same way since 1890 by gently baking rich local cream until it’s thick, unctuous and thoroughly dollopable. It’s a protective seal of freshness for the delicious, silky cream below and it’s how you know you’ve got the real deal. Clotted cream's companions don't begin and end with scones and jams! Here are some of our favourites: Apple pie, fruit tart, poached pears, summer pudding, apple crumble, chocolate brownie, sponge pudding, strawberries, pancakes, mince pies, sticky toffee pud... Easy to serve, these perfectly sized individual portions are a favourite at many catering venues and events. Ingredients: Cornish cows MILK Handling instructions: Defrost 24 hours in refrigerator, use within 10 days