❄️英國 野生水鴨 U.K. Wild Caught Water Duck



每隻 約600g per duck * 中式湯水、西式烤焗也可 水鴨比家鴨、米鴨等有較多礦物質和維他命,味甘,肉味鮮甜且脂肪含量相對少,因此深受許多懂得食療的人士歡迎。水鴨較其他鴨滋陰功效較強,也有補氣作用,而且補而不膩,較平和,適合夏天飲用 水鴨含蛋白質、脂肪、碳水化物、鈣、鐵、磷、硫胺素、核黃素,有溫中益氣,滋肝養氣,補陰虛,補而不燥。有利水消腫及解毒之功,對於病後虛弱、食欲不振有很好的食療功效。可以強身健體,且有很高的藥用價值 推薦水鴨湯水: 冬瓜荷葉/薏米水鴨湯 — 有清熱消暑,利尿袪濕,養陰生津的作用,很適合夏天飲 沙參玉竹水鴨湯 蟲草花淮山芡實杞子水鴨湯 * Suitable for making Chinese soup, or roasting Roast wild duck, specifically teal, stuffed with rosemary, onion, apple, cloves, with a sauce of drippings, dry sherry and cream. Did you know that the only way you can get a hold of wild duck in this country is by shooting it yourself, or having extraordinarily generous hunter friends who share their bounty? The first thing to note is that wild ducks aren't like chickens or turkey that you have to cook until you don't see pink. Wild duck is best eaten rare. It is easy to overcook the meat, like overcooking a pork tenderloin. Except when you overcook wild duck, the meat tastes game-y, like liver. The taste of wild duck is highly dependent on where that duck has been feeding. According to the Joy of Cooking, shallow water ducks feeding on local grains, like mallards, widgeons, and teal, can be very succulent, while diving ducks feed on fish, affecting their flavor. Wild ducks are much more flavorful than domesticated ducks, as their muscles are getting a constant work-out, which is also why their flesh is so red. The taste is closer to steak than to chicken.